What Apps Can I Use For Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing is now oxygen for every business. Without professional Digital Marketing, the growth of any business is equal to impossible. As with the increasing demand for Digital Marketing in every organization worldwide demand for professional Digital Marketers is also increasing. From Large organizations to SMEs (Small to medium Enterprises), Everyone needs to focus on new and smart strategies of digital marketing for the growth of their Business. If you are a Digital Marketer or want to become a professional Digital Marketer then you are at the right place. I am going to share the 5 best Apps For Digital Marketing. This will help you increase your productivity and save lots of your time in your daily professional tasks.

Here are the 5 Best Apps For Digital Marketing:

1. Ripl

As we all know content is one of the most important part of Digital marketing. Without Engaging content almost every digital marketing strategy is useless. And Nowadays people show more engagement in short foam videos rather than long videos or static graphical posts. Ripl App Helps you to create engaging short foam videos for your Social Media by using their pre-made templates. With their thousands of premade graphical and video templates, you can easily create graphical posts, and short videos within a few minutes.

2. Plai

Sometimes it becomes really very difficult to visit multiple websites like Google Analytics to collect your Data and Track your performance. Using different websites takes lots of time, but Plai Smartphone App has a solution. By using the Plai App you can combine your Analytics from different websites including, Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Ads, etc in one place and you can easily track your performance. This App also helps you with their other Marketing tools including Keyword Research, updates about new marketing strategies, etc.

3. Grammarly

As a digital marketer many times we have to write content for our social media, Website, or professional e-mails. The most important thing is writing quality content without any spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly Smartphone App helps us to identify and correct spelling and grammar mistakes in our content and makes it more professional.

4. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best app for Digital Marketers. It helps us to track audience insights from the web without wasting our time on scrolling through content on different websites. Just you have you type your keyword in the Feedly smartphone app and it will gather insights from different blogs, websites, etc. within in few minutes. Audience Insights information is really important for any digital marketer to plan his marketing strategies.

5. Buffer

As Digital marketers, managing multiple social media accounts, scheduling content, and checking analytics of all social media platforms individually is really difficult. So at this point, we all need a professional Social Media Management App. Buffer is one of the most suitable options by using this app you can easily schedule the content of your different social media accounts in just a single App and check their analytics to track your performance.

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