5 Best Apps For Book Readers

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My Mother Always Told me that Books are your Best Friend. Indeed Books are always a great source of knowledge and motivation. If you want to learn from other’s experiences books are a great source of learning, and play an important role in our growth. As with time technology is becoming advanced, and Book Readers are also becoming advanced. Many people still prefer reading physical books, but many people prefer reading e-books on their Smartphones, Laptops, or Tablets. If you are one of those book lovers who prefer to read e-books then this article is for you, because I am going to suggest you 5 Best Apps For Book Readers. These Apps will be really helpful for you to read and listen to your favorite books online and amazing recommendations for new books.

Here are the 5 Best Apps For Book Readers:

1. Blinkist

The First name on my list is Blinkist. Blinkist is one of the best app for book lovers, especially for those who are interested in nonfiction literature. You can read or listen to multiple categories of books and their short summaries on Blinkist including Productivity, Technology and Future, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, History, Personal Development, and many more. You can also Save your favorite books in the Blinkist App, so you can read or listen to them at any time.

2. Kindle

The second name on my list is one of the most famous app for Book Readers. Kindle is owned by Amazon and comes with multiple amazing features including, the ability to highlight text and take notes, a built-in dictionary, adjustable font size, etc. Amazon Kindle offers a huge range of e-books and audiobooks in multiple categories. So if you are a book lover Kindle is one of the most suitable options for you.

3. Aldiko

Aldiko is one the best App for Book lovers with a huge collection of e-books and audiobooks. It comes with multiple customization options including, font styles & size adjustments, Switching between Dark and light themes, and many more customization options to make your reading experience more comfortable. You can Save multiple e-books and audiobooks in your Aldiko App, so you can easily read or listen to your favorite books during your daily commute or travel.

4. Scribd

Scribd is one the best app for a wide range of both fiction and nonfiction e-books and audiobooks. It is one the largest online library with millions of magazines, e-books, audiobooks, etc. You Easily Save different magazines, e-books, and audiobooks in your Scribt account and access them from your different devices, including e-readers, smartphones, computers, etc.

5. Good Reads

Good Reads is one of my favorite App. It is a social media platform for book readers. Where book readers can interact with other book readers, and see what they are reading. Good Reads is one of the best source for book lovers to find a Book lovers community around them, new books, and their reviews, and get amazing book recommendations.

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