Which Learning App is Best and Why?

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We use multiple Apps on our Smartphones Daily for different tasks. These apps are really creating an impact on our lives, some of them are making us more productive, and some of them are giving us access to information from all over the world. There are diffident types of Apps, like Social Media Apps, Entertainment, Productivity, Life Style Games, etc. There are also multiple apps for unlimited learning to boost your knowledge, But the Question is Which Learning App is Best and Why? If you are interested in learning apps that will help you to boost your knowledge, this article is for you. I am going to share complete details of the 5 Best Apps for learning.

Which Learning App is Best and Why? Here are the 5 Best Apps For Learning:

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of my favorite app for free online learning. They are offering free courses on different subjects including, Maths, Science, Economics, Arts and humanities, computing, test prep, Life Skills, etc. While there are also many subcategories in every category. For Example, Maths Have Early Match Review, Basic Geometry, and measurement, Pre-algebra, Trigonometry, etc, While the Life Skills Category includes, Internet Safety, Financial Literacy, Personal finance, Entrepreneurship, Growth mindset, Artificial intelligence, college admissions, careers, etc. You can get the Khan Academy Smartphone App from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store, and get access to hundreds of free courses.

2. TED

Every one of us knows about Ted Talks. Ted Talks are one of the best sources to boost your information and knowledge. TED Mobile Application helps you to watch all TED Videos with 100 Plus languages Subtitles. Their App also gives the option to save videos to watch offline. TED Talks and Podcasts are really great source of learning.

3. edX

Online Courses are one of the best sources to learn new Skills. When I was a college student there were very few options available to learn new skills online. But now you have the opportunity to learn new skills with more than 2000 online courses from 140 Plus Institutes on one platform. eDx Mobile Application gives you access to multiple courses from the world’s Top Institutes including Harvard University, Berkeley University of California, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore, Australian National University, and many more.

4. Brilliant

If you are a student of Science or Maths Brilliant Smartphone App will help you to learn and practice different concepts. Brilliant Mobile App helps you in effective learning, with the help of different logic puzzles. Puzzles Games also help you to improve your critical thinking skills.

5. World Map Quiz

World Map Quiz is one of my favorite App. It is a learning game with different fun activities, I really enjoy and learn different things from it. As we know Geographical knowledge is very important. Intellectual personalities always try to boost their geographical knowledge and search about different countries and regions. World Map Quiz is a game in which you have to guess a country’s flags and locations. This Game will improve your geographical knowledge by practicing through a Game.

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