How Do Google Apps Help Businesses?

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Google has introduced multiple Apps to help individuals and Businesses. I am using Google Apps for the last 8 Years for my daily personal and professional use. The best thing about Google Apps is that they are really very reliable and user-friendly. Google Always works to improve their products and services and made them more effective and user-friendly. So Today We will discuss, How Do Google Apps Help Businesses? I will share 5 Amazing and user-friendly Apps that will help you in your daily business activities and promote your business digitally.

Here are the 5 Google Apps for Businesses:

1. Google Sheets and Docs

Google Sheets and Docs is one of the Amazing tools for daily use. By using Google Sheets, you can easily manage all of your business financial records. You can create Unlimited Free Sheets online according to your requirements. For example, you can create different sheets for your Sales, expenses, Inventory, etc. While you can Also Use Google Sheets Pre-made templates for To-Do lists, Annual budgets, Monthly budgets, Finance Investment Trackers, Annual Clander, etc.

While By Using Google Docs you can easily create and save unlimited notes online. Google Docs give access to create and save multiple Word files in one place. You Can also get help from Google Docs Pre-Made Templates for, CV (Curriculum vitae), Profesional Letters, Profesional Project Proposals, Brochure designs, Report Cards, etc.

The best thing about Google Sheets and Docs is, You can Access your documents and sheets, at any time and anywhere by using your Mobile Phone or Laptop. Google Sheets and Google Docs Mobile Apps are available for both Android and iPhone users.

2. Google Business Profile

Many times when we are looking for some specific product or service we search it on Google. For Example, I need groceries, I will search for Grocery stores near me. And Google will show some of the Grocery stores near my location. Why does Google show some specific shops only? Because all those shop owners have created their business profiles on Google Business Profile.

By using Google Business Profile, you can add your business location on Google, so your customers can easily reach out to you. you can also add your Contact Information, Pictures, Product or Service information & prices, your Business timings, business description, etc. Google Business Profile also helps you to create your Free Website with just a single click. while you are also able to handle your Bookings, and Conversations with your customers and track the performance of your business. And your Customers have the option to give you a rating according to your services.

So If you want to promote your business and increase its visibility, Google Business Profile is one of the best options for you.

3. Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the best tools for Businesses, especially for those businesses who are working remotely. It Helps you to do unlimited One-to-one and Group Online Meetings. Google Meet gives you both audio and video meeting option, while you can also share your screen for presentation or other purposes according to your requirements. So If you want to do Online Meetings with your Clients, or your Team, Google Meet is one of the best options for you. Google Meet Mobile Application is available for both iPhone and Android users.

4. Google Ads

In this age of technology, Digital Ads are becoming more effective rather than traditional advertisements. Google Ads is a one-stop solution for your Digital Ads. With the help of Google Ads, now you can easily promote your business digitally. Google Ads helps you to run your advertisements in your relevant locations and to your relevant audiance. So If you want to grow your business digitally, and boost your sales, google Ads is one the most suitable options for you.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote is one of the most useful app by Google. Many times you have to access some important files from your Personal computer, or we have to make some urgent changes, but at the same time, you are away from your PC. But now you have a solution. With the help of Chrome Remote Desktop, you can easily access your PC anytime, and from anywhere from other devices like your Smartphone or Laptop, etc.

So Next time when you have to access your important Business Data or have to make any changes in your project according to your client’s requirements, you can access your PC from anywhere from your other devices with the help of Chrome Remote Desktop.

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