Jazz International Call Packages Full Details.

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There are millions of Pakistani Overseas living all over the world. By keeping this huge number in mind, every Mobile Network operator is trying to provide pocket-friendly International Call packages to its users, so they can keep connected with their friends and family. Jazz also provides pocket-friendly International Call Packages to its Prepaid and Postpaid users. Are you looking for a Jazz International Call Packages? Read out the details below.

Here are the complete details of Jazz International Call Packages.

Prepaid Packages

Saudi Arabia and UAE

Sr No.Country Subscription FeeSubscription CodeValidityUn-Subscription CodeStatus CodeInfo CodeRates
Saudi Arabia
Free*452#Lifetime*452*4#*452*2#*452*3#Rs.2.38 Per 15 Sec
2UAEFree*452#Lifetime*452*4#*452*2#*452*3#Rs.3.57 Per 15 Sec

United Kingdom (UK)

Sr No.Country Subscription FeeSubscription CodeValidityUn-Subscription CodeStatus CodeInfo CodeRates
1UKFree*456*2#Lifetime*456*2*4#*456*2*2#*456*2*3#Rs.1.2 Per 30 Sec

USA, UK, And Canada

Sr No.Country ValiditySubscriptionRates
1USA, UK, And CanadaLifetimeJust Dial 456 before the NumberRs. 5.98 Per 15 Min

Postpaid Packages

USA And Canada Offer

Sr No.Country ValiditySubscriptionRates
1USA and CanadaLifetimeJust Dial 456 before the NumberRs. 14.99 Per 30 Min

International Direct Dialing Call Destinations

Sr No.CountryLandline or MobilePrice
1AfghanistanLandlineRs. 70.09
2AfghanistanMobileRs. 70.09
3BelgiumLandlineRs. 28.86
4BelgiumMobileRs. 43.98
5ChinaLandlineRs. 10.93
6ChinaMobileRs. 10.93
7DenmarkLandlineRs. 8.18
8FranceMobileRs. 43.98
9GermanyLandlineRs. 35.73
10MalaysiaMobileRs. 10.93
11Saudi ArabiaLandlineRs. 28.86
12Saudi ArabiaMobileRs. 43.98
13UAELandlineRs. 49.40
14UAEOperatorRs. 49.40
15UKLandlineRs. 43.98
16USAOperatorRs. 10.93
17BurundiLandlineRs. 204.69
18BurundiMobileRs. 204.69
19DenmarkMobileRs. 135.98
20FranceOperatorRs. 135.98
21GermanyMobileRs. 70.09
22IranLandlineRs. 70.09
23IranMobileRs. 94.75
24OmanLandlineRs. 135.98
25OmanMobileRs. 135.98
26QatarLandlineRs. 56.28
27QatarMobileRs. 70.09
28UAEMobileRs. 70.09

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