Zong Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly, Daily.

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Zong is a leading Telecom Company providing high-speed Internet and voice services all over Pakistan. Zong always works on improving their services and brings affordable and innovative packages and offers according to the needs of different customers. Check out the complete details of Zong Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. I am also going to share Zong All-in-One and PUBG Mobile offers.

Here are the Zong Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly, and Daily:

Zong Internet Packages Monthly

Sr No.Package NameDataCharges
1Monthly 20 GB20 GBRs. 575
2Monthly 40 GB40 GBRs. 899
3Monthly 5 GB5 GBRs. 299
4Monthly Google Maps Offer500 MBRs. 1.00
55 GB Monthly on Internet Sim5 GBRs. 330
6Internet Sim 4 GB + 5 GB (4 AM to 4 PM)9 GBRs. 785
7Internet Sim 12 GB + 15 GB (4 AM to 4 PM)27 GBRs. 1250
8Internet Sim 65 GB65 GBRs. 2100
9Family Bundle40 GB + 10 GB WhatsApp app + 10GB FacebookRs. 2000

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Sr No.Package NameDataOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesChargesSubscription Code
1Weekly Pro40 GBUnlimited250Rs. 440*794#
2Weekly HLO12 GBUnlimited100Rs. 340*70#
3Weekly Premium30 GBUnlimited180Rs. 399*225#
4Weekly AIO4 GB500060Rs. 220*6464#
5Super Weekly Plus8 GBUnlimited60Rs. 290*20#

Zong Internet Packages Daily

Sr No.Package NameDataCharges
1Daily Basic100 MBRs. 23
2Daily Data Max1 GB (500 MBs for Internet & 500 MBs for YouTube)Rs. 49

Zong All-In-One Packages

Sr No.Package NameDataOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesCharges
1Monthly Pro Plus60 GB10000600Rs. 1350
2Monthly Pro40 GB10000600Rs. 1249
3Monthly Social12 GB25050Rs. 270
4Monthly Digital Max Offer100 GB100001000Rs. 1600
5Monthly Super Card10 GBUnlimited250Rs. 749
6Monthly Supreme20 GB5000350Rs. 999
7Monthly Super Offer30 GB5000450Rs. 1299
8Super Star Offer8 GB3000500Rs. 575

Zong Monthly PUBG Mobile Offer

Sr No.Package NameDataChargesSubscription Code
1Monthly PUBG Mobile10 GBRs. 105*7824#

Zong Social Offers

Sr No.Offer NameDataMinutesChargesDuration
1Monthly Social12 GB250 On-Net
50 Off-net
Rs. 27030 Days
2Weekly Tiktok Offer3 GB TiktokRs. 807 Days
3Monthly WhatsApp Plus5 GB (WhatsApp + IMO)200 On-Net
30 Off-Net
Rs. 20030 Days
4Monthly Social Mini6 GBRs. 15030 Days
5Weekly Video8 GBRs. 1697 Days
6Monthly WhatsApp5 GB (WhatsApp)Rs. 9930 Days
7IMO Offer2.5 GBRs. 9930 Days
8Daily Social Offer1.5 GBRs. 231 Day
91 Hour YouTubeRs. 21 Hour
How to Deactivate Zong Internet Packages?

You can deactivate Zong Internet Packages by calling their 24/7 Helpline.

How to Subscribe Zong Internet Packages?

You can 3 options to Subscribe to Zong Internet Packages.
1. You can Subscribe to Zong Packages from their Mobile App named “My Zong.”
2. You can activate your package by calling their 24/7 customer support.
3. You can subscribe to your favourite Package by its subscription code. Or dial *6767# from your Zong Number and select your Package from the given Menu.

How to Check the Remaining Data of Zong Internet Packages?

You can check your remaining Zong Internet Package Data by dialing *310#.

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