Zong Regional Offers Complete Details 2023.

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Zong offers multiple packages to its users according to their requirements. As we know, Zong is offering a variety of Call, SMS, and Internet packages, but Zong is also offering different Regional Offers to its users. You can avail of these offers according to your City. If you want complete details of Zong Regional Offers, read the complete article.

Zong Regional Offers Complete Details 2023

Zong Regional Offers Weekly

Sr No.Offer NameDataOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesSMSCharges
1Mian Wali Plus8 GB200050Rs. 180
2Piplan Plus8 GB20002000Rs. 180
3Khushab Plus Offer8 GB200050Rs. 180
4Apna Shehr Sakrand5 GB100025Rs. 120
5Apna Shehr Mastung3 GB80025Rs. 100
6Apna Shehr Qambar5 GB30030Rs. 140
7Apna Shehr Kashmore5 GB30030Rs. 120
8Apna Shehr Plus Chiniot8 GB200060Rs. 150
9Kashmore Plus Offer12 GB250080Rs. 200
10Apna Shehr Thul5 GB30030Rs. 140
11Apna Shehr Shangar5 GB30030Rs. 120
12Apna Shehr Shewan5 GB30030Rs. 120
13Apna Shehr Farooqabad5 GB30030Rs. 120
14Apna Shehr Hasilpur5 GB30030Rs. 120
15Apna Shehr Esa Khail/Kala Bagh5 GB30030Rs. 120
16Apna Shehr Zafarwal5 GB30030Rs. 120
17Apna Shehr Arifwala5 GB30030Rs. 120
18Lyari Yari Offer3 GB30030Rs. 130
19Jhang Plus Offer8 GB200060Rs. 180
20Layyah Plus Offer8 GB200060Rs. 180
21Apna Shehr Dera Allah Yaar5 GB100040Rs. 130
22Apna Shehr Khandhkot5 GB100040Rs. 140
23Apna Shehr Rato Dero5 GB100040Rs. 140
24Apna Shehr Samundri5 GB100040Rs. 120
25Apna Shehr Shahdadkot5 GB100040Rs. 140
26Apna Shehr Toba Tek Singh5 GB100040Rs. 130
27Apna Shehr Ahmedpur Sial5 GB100040Rs. 130
28Apna Shehr Gujrat Offer5 GB100040Rs. 160
29Apna Shehr Wazirabad5 GB100040Rs. 140
30Apna Shehr Dera Murad Jamali5 GB100040Rs. 140
31Apna Shehr Sibi5 GB100040Rs. 130
32Apna Shehr Jarhan Wala Offer5 GB100040Rs. 120
33Apna Shehr Haroonabad Offer5 GB100040Rs. 130
34Apna Shehr Piplan Offer5 GB100040Rs. 140
35Apna Shehr Usta Muhammad5 GB100040Rs. 120
36Apna Shehr Sargodha Offer5 GB100040Rs. 140
37Apna Shehr Shikarpur5 GB100040Rs. 130
38Kot Addu Plus Offer8 GB200060Rs. 180
39Apna Shehr Fort Abbas Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
40Apna Shehr Mandi Bahauddin5 GB100040Rs. 140
41Apna Shehr Malakwal5 GB100040Rs. 130
42Apna Shehr Shadadpur5 GB100030Rs. 130
43Apna Shehr Phalia5 GB100040Rs. 120
44Apna Shehr Bahawalnagar Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
45Apna Shehr Chishtian5 GB100030Rs. 140
46Apna Shehr Rahim Yar Khan Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
47Vehari Mailsi Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
48Apna Shehr Khanewal Kabirwala Offer5 GB100030Rs. 130
49Azad Jammu and Kashmir Offer5 GBUnlimited75Rs. 195
50Malakand Offer3 GB1000100Rs. 160
51Apna Shehr Bakkhar5 GB100030Rs. 130
52Apna Shehr Offers Bhalwal5 GB100030Rs. 120
53Apna Shehr Nankana Offer5 GB100030Rs. 130
54Apna Shehr Dipalpur Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
55Apna Shehr Pindi Bhattiyan Offer5 GB100030Rs. 130
56Apna Shehr Sadiqabad Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
57Panjnad Offer5 GB100030Rs. 130
58Apna Shehr Tando Allayar Offer5 GB100030Rs. 150
59Apna Shehr Badin Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
60Gujranwala Dhamaal Offer5 GB100030Rs. 150
61Multan Dhamaal Offer5 GB100030Rs. 150
62Bharpur Bhawalpur Offer5 GB100030Rs. 140
63Haftawar Punjab Offer3 GB1000100Rs. 170
64Apna Shehr Thatta5 GB100030Rs.150
65Apna Shehr Kotri5 GB100030Rs. 150
66Apna Shehr Umarkot5 GB100030Rs. 140
67Apna Shehr Shorkot Offer5 GB30040Rs. 140
68Apna Shehr Gojra Offer5 GB30040Rs. 120
69Lahore Super Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
70Apna Shehr Muzaffargarh Offer5 GB30040Rs. 130
71Apna Shehr Norowal Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
72Apna Shehr Shakargarg Offer5 GB100040Rs. 130
73Faisalabad Dhamaal Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
74Apna Shehr Ranipur5 GB30040Rs. 150
75Apna Shehr Mehrabpur5 GB30040Rs. 150
76Apna Shehr Moro5 GB100040Rs. 150
77Apna Shehr Khairpur5 GB100040Rs. 140
78Apna Shehr Lodhran5 GB100040Rs. 150
79Apna Shehr Pakpattan5 GB100040Rs. 160
80Apna Shehr DI Khan Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
81Apna Shehr Tank Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
82Apna Shehr Renala Khurd Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
83Apna Shehr Khushab5 GB100040Rs. 140
84Apna Shehr Mianwali5 GB30025Rs. 140
85Apna Shehr Pottoki5 GB10001000Rs. 150
86Apna Shehr Layyah5 GB10001000Rs. 150
87Apna Shehr Bhai Pheru5 GB100040Rs. 140
88Apna Shehr Pano Aqil Offer5 GB30040Rs. 140
89Apna Shehr Ghotki Offer5 GB30040Rs. 140
90Apna Shehr Daharki Offer5 GB30040Rs. 140
91Apna Shehr Kasur Offer5 GB30040Rs. 130
92Apna Shehr Hafizabad Offer5 GB30040Rs. 130
93Apna Shehr Jhang Offer5 GB30025Rs. 150
94Apna Shehr Sarai Alamgir Offer5 GB100030Rs. 160
95Apna Shehr Chiniot Offer5 GB30025Rs. 120
96Apna Shehr Dina Offer5 GB100030Rs. 160
98Apna Shehr Kallar Kahar Offer5 GB100040Rs. 160
99Apna Shehr Talagang Offer5 GB100040Rs. 150
100Karachi Offer10 GB5000100Rs. 280

Regional Offers Monthly

Sr No.Offer NameDataOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesSMSCharges
1Mahana Pattoki Offer8 GB80080Rs. 330
2Mahana Pakpattan Offer8 GB80080Rs. 330
3Mahana Kamoke Bachat Offer8 GB80080Rs. 330
4Mahana Punjab Offer4 GB3000400Rs. 590
5Monthly Latachi LBCUnlimited1000Rs. 238
6Monthly Kashmir OfferUnlimitedRs. 199
7Kashmir Offer2 GB500100Rs. 500

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