Uses of Durust Daam And Qeemat Punjab Apps.

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Do you know What is The Use of Durust Daam & Qeemat Punjab Apps? These two Apps are really a great initiative by the government of Pakistan to facilitate its citizens. Just Like Petrol and diesel The government of Pakistan also regulates the prices of Essential Commodities, Vegetables, fruits, Poultry, etc. But there was no authentic source to check these prices. And when there was no source to check these prices, sellers sell these items at their own prices, which are higher than government prices. So to get rid of these issues the government of Pakistan has officially launched Durust Daam & Qeemat Punjab Apps to check Government rates of Essential Commodities, Vegetables, fruits, and Poultry, in your Area. The main purpose of these Apps is to provide relief to its citizens, By using these apps you can also register a complaint if someone is selling against government prices.

How to Use Durust Daam and Qeemat Punjab Apps:

Durust Daam Islamabad

Durust Dam Islamabad is available on both Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. You don’t need to signup for this app, just install it on your Mobile and start using it. Durust Daam Islamabad App is only for citizens of Islamabad Capital Territory.

Durust Daam Islamabad App

After Installing Durust Daam Islamabad App, when you will open it on your Smart Phone, you will see Different options like Fruits and Vegetables, etc. You can select any option according to your preference, and check its price list.

Durust Daam Faisalabad

Durust Daam Faislabad is only for citizens of Faislabad. By Using Durust Daam Faislabad, you can check the Essential Commodities, Vegetables, fruits, and Poultry rates of Faisalabad City. While working procedure of Durust Daam Faislabad is similar to Durust Daam Islamabad.

Durust Daam Blochistan

Durust Daam Balochistan App is designed for Balochistan province users. By using Durust Daam Balochistan App, You can check government rates in your city after selecting your city as shown in the above image.

Durust Daam Sindh

If you are living in Sindh Provence, then Durust Daam Sindh Mobile Application is for you. Right now Durust Daam Sindh App is offering its services in only Badin, Dadu, and Ghothi only. But the Government is trying its best to expand its coverage in other cities also.

Qeemat Punjab

Qeemant Punjab App is really advanced Mobile Application for Users of Pujab Provence. If you are living in Punjab you can use Qeemat Punjab Smartphone Application to check Essential Commodities, Vegetables, fruits, and Poultry rates in your District or Tehsil. By Using Qeemant Punjab App, you can also check the locations of Model Bazar in your City, Track the Price Magistrate Performance of the city, register Complaints against sellers with over prices, and also add your valuable suggestions. While Qeemant Punjab App is available in both English and Urdu languages, you can select any language according to your preference.

To Check the Government Rates in your city, select any option like Fruits or Vegetables. After selecting any option you have to select your District and Tehsil. By Selecting your District and Tehsil you will see the Government prices in your area.

Price Management Performance

The price Management Performance option provides you the information about actions taken by Government Departments to control the prices in your area.

To check the Price Management Performance in your area, open the Qement Punjab App on your Mobile Phone and select Price Management Performance Option. After Selecting the Price Management Performance, you have to choose your City. After choosing your city you will see all the measurements and actions taken by the government for price control in your city.

Model Bazaar

Model Bazar is a project of the Government of Punjab Pakistan. The government has established Model Bazars in every city of Punjab to facilitate its citizens with cost-effective products. You Can check the location of Model Bazar in your city by using Qeemat Punjab App.

To check the location of the Model Bazar in your city, select the Model Bazar Option, and choose your City. After Choosing your city you can check the locations of Model Bazars in your City.

How Can I Add Suggestions to Qeemat Punjab App?

You can add your suggestion by selecting a Suggestions Option, And After Selecting a Suggestions you can write your suggestions and click on submit Option.

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