What Apps Help With Productivity?

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Do you want to increase your productivity? Many people want to increase their productivity in their professional and personal life. The best way to increase your productivity in this modern age is to get help from Smartphone Applications. But the question is, what Apps Help with Productivity? There are multiple Apps available on Android Play Store, and iPhone Apps Store to increase your productivity. In this article, I am going to share some of the Apps I am using in my daily life to increase my productivity in my personal and professional life.

Here are the 5 Apps to Increase Productivity:

1. Trello

Trello is the first name in my list of Apps Help With Productivity. Project Management is one of the impotent skill to increase your productivity. Trello Mobile Application helps you in project management with its amazing features. With Trello App, you can easily create Digital boards for your projects. you create different labels like To Do list, Important Tasks, etc on each board.

While you can also assign different takes to your employees or partners. And at the same time, your employees or partners have the option to update their progress and add comments or requirements to complete that specific task.

2. Done

Are you a person like me, who often forgot its daily tasks? Some time ago I often forget my daily tasks, and then I started using Done App. Done Mobile App helps you to list down all of your daily tasks in one place, and when each task will be completed you can mask it as Done or delete it permanently.

3. Mind Meister

Mind Mapping plays a very important role in the success of any Project. It was my habit to do mind mapping on paper before starting any project. But Now I use Mind Meister Mobile Application to perform mind mapping task. Mind Meister App is an app for mind mapping on your smartphone, and use save it, to access it any time. As We know, handling paper everywhere is not an easy task. But by using Mind Meister App, you can access your mind mapping data anytime, anywhere by using your Smartphone.

4. Toggl

There are many freelancing projects and regular jobs that use pay per hour Model. They pay you according to your working hours. Toggl is a very user-friendly App for time tracking. By using Toggl Mobile Application, you can track your daily working hours, and send your report to your employer.

5. Calendly

In Professional life, one of the difficult task for everyone is Time Management. Multiple times, it becomes very difficult to set appointments with someone. But the Calendly Mobile application helps you, create your Calender, and send it to your clients, and they can easily book their appointments from the available time slot. Now you don’t have to waste your time by calling anyone and discuss about available time slots. Just send your Calendly link, save your time, and increase your productivity.

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